Body and Psyche


Body-oriented psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Our ways of behavior towards ourselves and towards other people often contain emotions or conflicts which we are unaware of. They often originate in our past, most frequently in our childhood and even very often in preverbal times. They not only influence our daily experiencing and well-being but also important life decisions – so we cannot really chose in a free and self-determined / autonomous way.

If we learn to get to know and accept these unconscious parts – without letting them dominate us – we will be able to make decisions in a freer and more self-determined way. This is really (in the best sense) about living with ourselves and with others, and not against ourselves or other people.

The body says what words cannot.
Martha Graham

Through the experiencing in the here and now, especially through our felt sense and our physical sensations, we have direct doorways to ourselves and to new, healthier behavior. The body knows a lot. The body does not lie; it talks to us. If we can learn to better listen to the within and take our body seriously in its experience then we can perceive and understand the meaning and message of a range of typical symptoms such as muscular tightness or inner tension, pain, migraine, exhaustion, fears, anxieties, depression, problems in concentration or other conditions. The goal is more quality of life for ourselves and more quality in our relationships.

As in individual as well as couple therapy, you will encounter your habitual behavior and learn what it does to your partner. You will learn to perceive more clearly what happens inside of you while your partner speaks. Relational problems are often problems of communication – and the concern here is not only the perception of the other person and the communication with your partner but the capacity to be in touch with yourself, your wishes, needs and fears. And it is not only thoughts, expectations and judgements which speak to us in these moments; our body also sends signals which need to be perceived and understood.

In the safety of my non-judgmental attention and with the help of my professional psychoanalytically-oriented feedback, you will learn to listen to yourself and to each other again and let yourself be moved. You will experience that you can be heard, and that you can touch the other, with the sharing of your own experience and story.