Authentic Movement


Will be offered as an individual session or in a group.

Authentic Movement as an individual session

(20 minutes Authentic Movement during a regular 60 minute therapy session) or as an Authentic Movement group (see below)

The idea is to listen to the within and to follow inner impulses, that is to perceive and to allow what wants to emerge while possibly not paying attention to those inner voices which want to comment and judge what is emerging. The movement may begin as a sensation,
a gesture, an impulse, an inner image or memory. Hitherto less-known or unconscious aspects of our selves begin to manifest themselves through body and movement and become visible.

The symbols of the self arise in the depths of the body.
C.G. Jung

This process of direct experience which seems closer to “I am moved” than to “I move” paves the way to trusting the inner knowledge of the body. This results in a new, often fascinating discovering of oneself and a deeper relationship to oneself.

In the exchange with me as the accompanying and witnessing observer as well as in the safety of not being judged, interpreted or analysed, the potential for being seen and seeing oneself can unfold.


Authentic Movement in the group

Authentic Movement in a group offers the opportunity to study and practice the different aspects of this discipline. At first all participants are “movers” while I am present as the “witness”. Movers move in the presence of the witness. They mostly move with closed eyes in order to better listen inwards. The witness observes with an open interest and resonance, but without judging, analyzing or interpreting.

Further on the participants will learn to switch roles and be witnesses. I am guided here by the “Discipline of Authentic Movement” developed by Janet Adler who also includes “silent witnessing” and “moving witnessing”.

Accepting and valuing, being seen and seeing oneself – these are all aspects of our deepest desires. Authentic Movement provides access to in-depth self awareness, profound self knowledge, to creativity and possibly to transpersonal and spiritual experiences.